Here’s what you need to know about bringing kids to the library:
  • We really love kids! We have loads of great stuff at our library! Come do some puzzles, build with all different kinds of blocks, cook a meal in our play kitchen, set a train on its course at our train table, do some coloring, or of course, get comfy and read.
  • We always have answers to your questions, so please ask us even if it looks like we’re busy – really, we’re just biding our time until someone asks us a great question! Whether it’s about a book recommendation, our library lizard Harold (yes, sometimes he can be grumpy!), or you’d really like to know our favorite Disney movie, we’re ready with an answer (and we have wildly varying tastes!).
  • We are a kind of a noisy library, so don’t feel like you have to whisper when you come in. We try to use our inside voices, but sometimes even we get loud and giggly so we encourage you and little ones to come in and have fun with us!

Here we are so you can recognize us when you see us: Rachel (Head of Youth Services) and Carrie (Youth Services Librarian). Feel free to email us if you need anything, have a question or just want to say hi!


Recommended Reads

Check out these lists of age-appropriate, award-winning materials available in our library: