“Tech Takeout” is a smorgasbord of gadgets, gizmos, and tools for you to take home (and bring back when you’re done, of course!).

Try Before You Buy: Technology is expensive. Thinking of getting a Kindle or Hotspot? Try it before you buy it!

That Thing You Only Need Once: As cool as an “Arduino Starter Kit” sounds, it’s not an everyday tool. We’ll get one and you can use it when you need it.

Enjoy Your Weekend: An internet binge weekend, a GoPro for your hike, a stack of summer reads on one device. A lot of this stuff is just plain ol’ fun!

So What’ll You Have? Here’s a list of the Tech Takeout devices we have so far…with more to come! To suggest a device to add to our collection, call the library and ask for our Technical Services Librarian.

  • Virtual Reality Kit – turn your smartphone into a virtual reality thrill ride! Includes VR Goggles & Bluetooth remote for the ultimate 3-D experience.
  • Ozobot Starter Kit – this tiny robot will run circles around…well, almost anything! Use the included activity sheets and markers to design mazes and special commands for the Ozobot to navigate.
  • WiFi Hotspots – free, unlimited internet on the go!
  • Kindles – preloaded with a huge library of bestselling & classic adult & YA books!
  • Kids’ Kindles – featuring a collection of popular kids’ chapter books!
  • GoPro Camera Kit – including 18-piece accessories for creative camera work!
  • Arduino Beginner Kit & Snap Circuits Kit – try some circuit building for beginners & make cool interactive electronic objects!
  • NES & Super NES Classic Edition play 30 classic Nintendo games preloaded on this classic-look game system, complete with controllers and HDMI-compatible. Talk about retro!
  • VHS to DVD, Vinyl to MP3, & Cassette to MP3 Converters – convert your old-school media to digital with these user-friendly devices!

What If I Need Some Help? Most devices come with instructions, but you can ask at the front desk for information when checking one out, or call the library if you have any trouble using the device from home. Ask for our Technical Services Librarian for some expert techie advice!

And Now for the Fine Print: Tech Takeout devices are for Western Allegheny Community Library cardholders and must be checked out and returned at the front desk at WACL only. For availability or to place a hold on a certain device, call the library at 724-695-8150. Checkout length and procedures vary by device.