ROKU with NETFLIX now available for checkout!

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Brand new to our “Tech Takeout” collection are our four Roku kits. With a Roku device, you can watch the free Roku channels – and because we have subscribed, you also get unlimited access to Netflix!

Roku Express+ has both HDMI and composite hookups, so it will work on an older TV. Note that a wireless internet connection is required. Don’t have internet at home? Ask about checking out one of our wireless hotspots at the same time!

Step 1: Connect Roku device to HDMI or composite port on your TV; plug in USB cable with AC Adapter.
Step 2: Connect to WiFi.
Step 3: Watch Netflix or the Roku channel—unlimited!

Roku checks out for ONE week only, no renewals. Check our online catalog for availability or ask at the library front desk to place a hold.