Meet Harold!

Here I am, just chillin’.

Hi, it’s me, Harold the Library Lizard! You can come see me in the Children’s Department any time you visit the library. My tank is near the picture books, and you can read about me in my special pop-up book, The Wonderful Lizard of Ours! Write me a postcard and they’ll put it up on the board near me – I might even write a reply!

Time to take a bath – or not!

Are you new to the library? Take a look at this brochure all about your library card, featuring…ME! And next time you stop by the library, look around the café for signs telling how you can “go green” like your favorite spokes-lizard.

How about some lizard yoga?

Oh, and you can also check out the “Harold the Lizard” Kit, which you can bring home and take care of a pretend me. The kit has cool lizard books to read and my journal, where you can write about all the adventures we have together.

AND now I’m on a website! Who knew such a humble lizard could be so famous?