Library Staff

Amanda Kirby, Library Director
Amy McDonald, Development Coordinator
Rachel Moore, Head of Youth Services
Carrie Lowery, Youth Services Librarian
Beth Rubel, Youth Services Assistant
Heather Auman, Technical Services Librarian
Marie Brajdic, Bookkeeper
Norene Ruggiero, Circulation Desk Supervisor
Laura Kulin, Assistant Circulation Desk Supervisor
Stephen Auman, Circulation Desk Clerk
Donna Shemon, Circulation Desk Clerk
Elaine Vattimo, Circulation Desk Clerk
Nancy Holston, Circulation Desk Clerk
Carolyn Lake, Circulation Desk Clerk
Laura Zottola, Circulation Desk Clerk
Nilanjana Sen, Circulation Desk Clerk
Samantha Lacey, Circulation Desk Clerk

Library Board of Trustees

Members of the board are listed below with their representative borough, township, or organization.

Tim O’Sullivan, President (F)
Terri Conoscuito, Vice President (NF)
Patty Giura, Treasurer (NF)
Barb Piskorik, Secretary (O)
Pam Perry (NF)
Erin Carlisle (NF)
Loretta Hennemuth (O)
Bill Stout (F)
Marilyn Walters (F)
Tracy Pustover, WA School Board Representative
Ed and Lin Nalesnick, WAFEL Representatives

Board Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Report

January 2019
September 2018

Previous Minutes