Tech Talk: Overdrive Magazines Now Available!

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New to our downloadable lineup is Overdrive Magazines! It is integrated fully with the Overdrive/Libby app and also searchable in our online catalog. If you already use Overdrive for eBooks, the magazines check out and download the same way – and if you don’t, why not start now?


Is there a limit on how many I can borrow? Nope! You can check out as many as you want, and eMagazine checkouts do not count towards your Overdrive checkout limit of 20 at a time.

Do I have to get on a wait list if the one I want is checked out? All eMagazines are always available (no wait lists)!

Can I renew an issue if I’m not finished? While eMagazines are not renewable, there are no holds; so once one expires, you can just go back to Overdrive and download it again.

Can I download magazines to my eReader? Unfortunately, no; magazines will not sync to a black & white eReader or Kindle. You can read them either in the Overdrive/Libby app on a smartphone or tablet, or through your internet browser on a PC.

Are back issues are available? Since we our subscription just started, we only have the most recent issues available. As new issues are released, they will be added to our collection.