Free Wi-Fi and Wireless Printing

The library offers free Wi-Fi if you bring in your laptop (Windows or Mac OS) or mobile device. There is no fee to use the Wi-Fi, and it is available throughout the library – even outside in the Backyard! Connect to the “Western Allegheny Community Library” wireless network. There is no password necessary because the public network does not use encryption.

Internet Use Policy

While you are using Western Allegheny Community Library’s wireless access, you agree to be bound by the Computer & Internet Policy. The Internet connection will be filtered in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

The library’s wireless network is an open, public access network. For ease of configuration, the library has chosen not to encrypt the wireless network; you should be aware that information sent wirelessly may be intercepted. Avoid entering sensitive information while using the library’s Wi-Fi service, unless the web site you are visiting provides SSL encryption (usually indicated by a lock icon in the address bar or status bar of the browser window).