“History – the story of a tale of what has happened or may have happened in the past.”

A group of residents from the West Allegheny community formed a Historical Society to tell a story of our community’s past through pictures, articles, and programs. Their hope is to expand the group to further explore the wealth of information from the past that the area, in which we reside, has to offer.

Programs in the planning stages are a Family Archives Workshop by the Museum Conservation Center, a Textile Care Workshop at the Heinz History Center, Dan Prevade’s presentation on the historic town of Oakdale, Keelboat Farms on sustainable gardening, Daughters of the American Revolution/Sons of the American Revolution, and Remembering the Homefront Footlocker Program by the Soldier’s & Sailors group.

Eventually, the group plans on erecting a display cabinet at the Library to showcase some of the artifacts that are being donated and collected.

We hope that you will “Step into our Past” by visiting the History Wall located at our local library. Several years ago, Dr. Edgar Wilson put together several books on the Town of Clinton (Volumes I and II), the Findlay Vocation High School (now West Allegheny), the Town of Findlay (Volumes I and II). As you read through these volumes, you will learn about the wild and wooly times of our ancestors. All titles are available at the library in the local history collection.

The times you are living in today will be remembered as your children and grandchildren’s past. If you are interested in exploring the history of our community, the group is open for membership.

Cheryl L. Rinehart, Member of Western Allegheny Community Historical Society (edited HLB)

Interested in joining the Historical Society? Email WACHS at or fill out an application today!collage